Service Areas

Link Resource Group is a Midwest company devoted to enhancing performance through management coaching for individuals, teams and organizations. Since 2001, Link Resource Group has worked with executives, managers and teams to raise their level of interpersonal and technical competency, improve team performance, see and surpass obstacles, and adopt a more focused, strategic approach to being effective.

Link Resource Group provides services across the U.S. including the following areas:


Executive Coaching, Chicago
Leadership Coaching, Chicago
Team Building Games, Chicago


Executive Coaching, Denver
Leadership Coaching, Denver
Team Building Games, Denver


Executive Coaching, Minneapolis
Leadership Coaching, Minneapolis
Team Building Games, Minneapolis


Executive Coaching, Omaha
Leadership Coaching, Omaha
Team Building Games, Omaha


Executive Coaching, Wichita
Leadership Coaching, Wichita
Team Building Games, Wichita

Kansas City, Missouri

Executive Coaching, Kansas City, Missouri
Leadership Coaching, Kansas City, Missouri
Team Building Games, Kansas City, Missouri

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Executive Coaching, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Leadership Coaching, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Team Building Games, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma