Change Management

Few companies can avoid big, periodic changes at the core of their business. Whatever the cause—market maturation, a tough macroeconomic environment, creeping costs, competitive struggles, or just a desire to improve—the potential responses are familiar: restructure supply chains; rethink relationships among sales, marketing, and other functions; boost the efficiency of manufacturing or service operations (or sometimes close them). Such changes start at the top and demand a relentless focus on nitty-gritty business details from leaders up and down the line.

Too often, however, senior executives overlook the “softer” skills their leaders will need to disseminate changes throughout the organization and make them stick. These skills, which are often fostered through a concerted and persistent executive coaching effort, include the ability to keep managers and workers inspired when they feel overwhelmed, to promote collaboration across organizational boundaries, or to help managers embrace change programs through dialogue, not dictation.

Coaching can play a critical role in helping your organization streamline different cultures, manage personnel expectations, and reduce your organization’s resistance to change.

Link Resource Group supports your organization in developing agility, fearlessness, and healthy risk-taking. Our coaching gives your team the tools for tackling the specter of change management; with our support, your team will embrace change as an opportunity for growth and learning. Whether you’re facing downsizing, takeovers, or a sudden new global landscape, we’ll support you in maximizing the potential of transition.

Our change management strategies:

  • Support teams and individuals in negotiating challenging transitions
  • Help you move past fear and toward meaningful and productive risk
  • Develop flexibility and agility within day-to-day routines
  • Allow you to think outside your safety zone, even in times of crisis
  • Encourage you to commit to self-care and healthy coping routines
  • Foster resilience and lightning-quick reflexes.

The world around us is changing all the time. Tried and true solutions may no longer be appropriate for new problems. Let us know how we can help effect change for you – systematically and sustainably.