Coaching Skills Training

Most successful organizations have coaching as part of their overall personnel strategy. So why not deliver it in a more sustainable way?

Our coaching skills training takes the best of what coaching has to offer and embeds it in your organization in a formal and permanent way. We create a cadre of coaches within your organization, aligning the new institution with a strategy that has top-level sponsorship.

We have extensive experience in coaching skills training. In one case, over a two-year period, we trained 45 managers, directors and VP’s of a major aerospace industry manufacturer as coaches through a program that involved 1.5 days of training and nine hours of one-on-one coaching per person.  Over the same period, the following metrics were achieved, and much credit was given to the coaching program:

  • Employee engagement scores increased by 19%
  • Built and delivered 36% more product
  • Experienced 56% fewer shortages
  • Decreased overtime hours by 27%
  • Reported higher work. Life balance scores.

Many organizations are recognizing the value of coaching skills training as an internal development strategy and are working to develop an organic coaching capacity. Whether you wish to develop leaders as coaches (informal), or prepare internal managers to serve as internal coaches (more formal), we design and deliver programs to help you do just that.