We value our clients’ feedback and appreciate their referrals as the highest praise we can receive.


“Working with Tim has made me more aware and more focused. Sometimes, when you’re in the day to day battles in the trenches, you don’t stop and think as much as you should, especially when you’re a smaller company and you’re growing. You can grow a business at the technical level, but where Tim has helped us is in changing the culture of our organization.  When we were getting ready to introduce our predictable performance system, we knew we had to make some cultural changes and get people to be more open and to talk more. Tim helped our team members become better communicators.

–Chuck Grier, President and CEO, UCI


Tim is a great team coach. He’s able to hold a lot of information in his mind at once, including a lot of different people’s challenges, goals, worldviews, etc. He knows the right questions to ask in order to move the group forward and when to pause and teach or reteach or re-frame something so that everyone understands. He’s able to move back and forth from individual coaching to coaching the team and making it possible for everyone to do better work than they would do otherwise. Tim also has a big commitment to leading teams rather than making them dependent on him. He coaches people to maximize their own potential to lead. “

–Julia Fabris McBride, Vice President, Kansas Leadership Center


“What I appreciate about participating in the executive forum is the combination of individual coaching coupled with the interaction you get with peers from different organizations with different personalities, genders, perspectives, etc. It’s a very diverse group. We developed a strong, supportive bond quickly and we help each other work through problems and offer advice. Allowing my peers at the executive forum to bring in new ideas has given me a better understanding of how our organizational issues and dynamics compare with those of other organizations. It helps a lot to hear how others have dealt with similar issues.”

–Matt Jordan, COO, Kansas Leadership Center


“The Team Advantage program had a huge impact on our organization. Prior to Tim’s intervention, we were struggling with time management issues and our meetings were unproductive. Tim was able to help us see the flaws our organization’s culture and helped us learn to manage our time better. He kept our meetings to a strict time frame, which was refreshing for us. The team really appreciated the way he approached our meetings because we weren’t used to working so efficiently. The whole process drew out our individual strengths while fostering greater group synergy. My team members and I developed a true appreciation of Tim’s approach as a result.”

—Dr. Kori Gregg, former Vice President of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, McPherson College


“Tim is a great team member and coach to our participants at the Kansas Leadership Center. He frequently brings up other perspectives and ideas that keep the group creative, contemplative and curious. I think a few things stand out about his character—Tim is loyal, he’s always there, and he cares about the success of team projects. Whenever he commits himself to a project, his heart and his head are always in it together. People throughout our organization think of Tim as a trusted member of the team who cares about each of us individually and wants to do everything he can to see that our team reaches its goals. Overall I would say that anyone who wants to make progress on issues they care about would benefit from hiring Tim as a coach.

— Ed O’Malley, CEO, Kansas Leadership Center


“When I first reached out to Tim, there were a lot of competing interests at work; a lot of politics and multiple stakeholders were involved. It was hard to navigate through that environment, so I looked to Tim to help me through. Tim is a great listener, which allows him to help you sort through your own thoughts…At the time that I began working with Tim, everything was extremely high-stakes. All stakeholders had their own strategic goals and it was paramount that those goals be achieved. The biggest benefit of working with Tim was being able to sort through that competitive climate and maintain my primary focus on the interests of the college. A lot of what was coming at me from the other stakeholders was personal because of the politics involved. Being able to deflect and depersonalize a lot of that negative feedback enabled me to stay focused on the strategic success of the college, and also helped me believe that we could do it. And we did. We could easily have lost focus, but we achieved our goals.” 

–Camille Kluge, President (retired), Wichita Area Technical College


“The 360 Degree Feedback really got my attention. Having specific feedback from my team enabled us to create a coaching plan I knew would work. My team has noticed the change in my leadership style and is now raising the bar in terms of their own performance. Coaching gave me the confidence to improve as a leader and also help improve my team’s performance.”

— Randy Woods, CEO, Rose America Corporation

“We brought Tim in to help our management team learn to collaborate better. As a result, our leadership team created an open culture where we are seen as a resource to our employees. Our company was recently voted the best place to work in Wichita and we think that is a direct result of our team leadership work with Tim.”

— Brad Clothier, COO, Coventry Health Care

“Tim Link trained 10 faculty and staff members in the College of Health Professions at Wichita State University to serve as peer leadership coaches.  These individuals are successfully coaching members of our Leadership Academy as well as coaching students enrolled in leadership courses at the university.  Peer coaching has proved to be an enormous resource for our leadership development initiatives; we simply wouldn’t be making as much progress without Tim’s training and support.  As one trainee commented, ‘I really enjoyed Tim Link’s approach in teaching me the basic principles of coaching.  He was effective in helping me to understand these principles and in integrating practical exercises where he would observe me coaching other training program participants.  He provided meaningful feedback on my efforts that was very useful in the learning process and continues to be helpful when I have been involved in coaching experiences after completing his training session.’  I highly recommend him as an individual and trainer of coaches.”

— Dr. Peter Cohen, Dean, College of Health Professions, Wichita State University


“Tim has a tremendous amount of deep background knowledge. He asked our team penetrating questions and helped us tease out problems that we weren’t aware of, helping us solve them before they adversely affected our performance. Tim did a great job of providing information and knowledge to the team without being overwhelming. He fostered openness, transparency and communication among the team members. We also gained a better understanding at the team level of what each member contributes to our overall success.What Tim did is provide the skills and education to guard against bad habits. We’ve since gone through difficult times, but as a result of Tim’s coaching we’ve avoided problems.”

— John O’Leary, Vice President of Engineering, Airbus Americas


“I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Tim Link as my coach and highly recommend him for professionals seeking career and personal development. I met Tim through the Kansas Leadership Center and worked with him for several months as I transitioned to a new leadership position. He is professional, insightful and knowledgeable. His skills as a coach definitely helped me address the challenges of a new job and new community.”

— Cynthia Colbert, Executive Director, Catholic Charities


“As my executive coach, Tim has helped me in several areas on my leadership path. He listens to what I have to say and I am always impressed by his insight into my situations. He is a great resource for all types of leadership articles and business cases. Tim is very easy to talk to and I would highly recommend him.”

— Jeff Martin, Director, Distribution Asset Management at Westar Energy


“Tim and I worked out a detail executive coaching plan to help me improve as a leader. Tim was able to adapt his style and challenge me in ways that others have not. Tim was also successful in helping me provide better service to my boss. This experience has helped me advance my leadership abilities at work and become a better person away from the work place. I look forward to working with Tim again next year to build on our successes and take me further down the leadership path.”

— John Olsen, Executive Director, Westar Energy

 “For the Leadership Development Program at LSI, Tim lead a design team to develop a Leadership Development Program for all managers and many individual contributors who served in a leadership role within the company. The program was well received by all who attended. Several of the modules are still being used today. I would highly recommend Tim to work with leaders and emerging leaders within a company.”

— Carol Trissell, Former Senior Technical Education Specialist, LSI Corporation


“Tim Link is an exceptional resource for organizational leaders and executives who desire to sharpen their leadership, communication and performance management skills. We have used Tim’s Executive Coaching services numerous times at Airbus. With each unique relationship, Tim delivered excellent results for the individuals and our organization. I strongly recommend Tim to large and small organizations who desire to improve organizational performance through leadership development!”

— Melissa Musgrave, Director, Human Resources at Airbus Americas Engineering


“Tim did a great job of pulling our management team together. He helped each of us identify and work through varied personalities and approaches to the work of the company.”

— Marlon Dauner, former President, Preferred Health Systems


 “I have worked with Tim in various roles over many years and he has been a good source of advice on management and team issues. He is an excellent listener and takes a collaborative approach to solving challenging issues.”

— Dave Cunningham, former Wichita Site Director, LSI


“Tim has worked with me on multiple occassions. Each time he has presented ideas that I had’nt considered in people/process management. Any executive that needed someone outside of their company to confidentially discuss real life work situations should consider hiring Tim. He has the experience and knowledge.”

— Brent Marriott, Sales Executive, AT&T


“I was fortunate enough to have Tim as my executive coach while I worked at Airbus in 2007. Shortly after I was promoted, Tim’s influence allowed me to transform my leadership potential by helping me to understand my personal style and response patterns and how those could affect my new role if left undeveloped.

Tim’s effective coaching program is based on three foundational concepts, but delivered with an individualized and customized approach: organizational convictions around the effects of executive development, effective management of the natural tensions that arise through the use of coaching, and the appropriate selection and positioning of executive coaching as an intervention.

He worked closely with my leadership to ensure the realistic positioning of executive coaching in terms of both the company’s expectations and measurement, and addressing the issues that are most likely to affect program success for myself. His program is well constructed, thoughtfully delivered and tailorable to the needs of the company and the individual. He certainly opened my eyes to greater potential and self-worth!

If you or your company seeks an executive or career coach, I highly recommend Tim Link. You will not be disappointed!”

— Bill James, former Director, Engineering, Airbus


 “Working with Tim has been a valuable experience. Tim brings out the best in people as he dives into their personalities and shows them how to better themselves in all areas of leadership. Spending many years working with professional coaches, I have found that Tim is top notch and creative in his profession.”

— Michele Nordahl, former HR Manager, Bombardier Aerospace


“Tim has been one of the key executive coaches on our core team for over 5 years. The feedback on his work with both individual executives and corporate teams has been exemplary.”

— Barry Mitsch, Co-founder, Vice President, The Pyramid Resource Group, Inc.


“I think Tim helped to improve the overall communication of the team. We communicate better and are more effective at fostering growth opportunities, whether it is for an individual or the organization as a whole. We now have improved efficiency, better customer service, better alignment with business objectives and priorities, an improved understanding of our customers through collaboration and partnership, and we have improved our policies. To summarize, we meet common goals more productively. And of course we’ve raised the bottom line, which is always a goal for any business. “

— Joe Samia, CEO, Central Air Conditioning


“The main area Tim has helped me improve in terms of my leadership skills is my way of relating to others. To me, leadership is about self-accountability—doing what you need to do to create positive change and then dealing with the aftermath of that change. A good leader takes those factors into account. That kind of self-reflection process has been the most important part of the coaching experience for me.”

— Jeff Barley, COO, UCI


“Since working with Tim, I have a better grasp of my strengths and weaknesses, and I’ve learned which areas I need to focus my attention on and areas where it’s ok to let other people step up and take responsibility. I have definitely become a better leader as a result of working with Tim.”

— Lynn Ward, Founding Attorney, Ward Law Offices