Improving Team Performance

We understand that a dynamic, visionary, and motivated leader is the keystone of any successful team. We work one-on-one with team leaders in your organization to improve interpersonal skills, envision new ways of overcoming challenges, and develop motivational skills.

We support your senior leaders in improving team performance by coaching him or her to:

  • Energize others around overcoming challenging issues
  • Identify and defuse problematic interpersonal dynamics
  • Motivate teams to develop and pursue collective goals
  • Ensure teams are in alignment with organizational values and vision
  • Think creatively to produce innovative solutions.

Coaching in the team environment is similar to one-on-one coaching, except that the entire team is the focus rather than a single individual (although often the team leader receives some individual coaching support).  We work with the senior leader and team to define strategic priorities – and sessions can range from a half-day strategic assessment to the 16-week Team Advantage® program.

We believe the best methods for improving team performance involve maximizing leadership skills in a supportive coaching environment. We’ll work with your best and brightest to help them harness the power of their teams more effectively and move your organization forward.