Increasing Accountability, Collaboration and Discipline

These days, most of us understand that effective teams bring value to an organization. They provide an open environment for generating new ideas and they tend to improve employee engagement and satisfaction.

And, yet, sometimes we get so comfortable with the idea of “team” that we start to take it for granted. We may end up having teams for the sake of teams—as mere forums for employee input as a means to keep the troops happy without a full organizational commitment to translate that input into something meaningful. This approach is often a waste of time.

The Link Resource Group is dedicated to helping you bring the true value of team back to the organization. We help you focus not just on creating teams but on creating the right team, made up of members who contribute much-needed skills and who have the potential to work well together. In the process, you will rediscover the true value of team again:

  • Consistent discipline – regular team meetings, goals, and assignments lead to real results, just as regular visits to the gym or running track delivers an athlete who is able to convert on game day.
  • Increased accountability – a healthy team actively engages assignments in order to deliver—to keep their end of the deal and to help move the ball forward.
  • Effective collaboration – a team built on trust, rather than power grabs, generates creative ideas and useful synergies that can only occur in an inspired group setting.

It’s time to put the true benefits of team back into team again. Link Resource Group has over ten years of experience helping leaders and organizations do just that.