Leader As Coach

You’ve witnessed firsthand the extraordinary benefits of coaching. Now, embracing the “Leader as Coach” concept will allow your organization to evolve into organically supporting growth and developing the internal coaching competencies that will effect a more cohesive working culture.

Leader as Coach represents the informal approach to developing an internal coaching capability, which leaders learn to incorporate coaching skills into their day-to-day activities and interactions. Coaching Skills Training programs represent a formal approach, whereby individuals become trained coaches.

Link Resource Group has years of experience mentoring and training organizational leaders to do coaching work. We’ll work help you develop a strategic implementation plan that allow you to achieve the benefits of coaching as your organization continues to change and grow.

Our specialized development programs will:

  • Informally or formally develop organizational Leader as Coach designations
  • Prepare key personnel to serve as formalized internal coaches
  • Create a culture of coaching within your organization
  • Embed coaching capacities internally
  • Design and deliver customized programs tailored to your needs
  • Incorporate the benefits of coaching into the daily life of your organization
  • Allow you to track key business metrics and observe the benefits of coaching

Nurturing a formal or informal culture of coaching within your organization can foster team-led initiatives toward growth, change, and achievement. We’ll work with you to develop a Leader as Coach program into a formal coaching structure or to enhance mentorship as part of an informal process.