You’ve tapped your best leaders and recruited the right new managers to join the executive team. These individuals are now in a position of exponentially increased responsibility, and they’re expected to steer the company into the great promise of the future. How do you ensure their potential is fully harnessed?

Properly onboarding a leader at this level is essential to setting him or her up for success. Our coaching programs help new executives understand the importance of culture and learn how to read it. Understanding the style and expectations of both boss and direct reports, and having the ability to temper one’s own style allow an executive to assimilate more readily into their new culture – a critical first step before fostering change.

Often, people who demonstrate the most success in driving profit exhibit a pacesetter style. This means that they operate with high energy, have great expectations of themselves and those around them, and employ a “take no prisoners” approach. Ironically, when they move into that senior leadership position, they find that their pacesetter style can get them in trouble.

Coaching offers new senior managers the opportunity to discover and adopt approaches that allow them to be productive on a vastly different level. These high-speed individuals are encouraged to focus on formulating and implementing strategy rather than being swept up in day-to-day operational challenges.

The transition of moving up in an organization can be made easier on everyone when the manager being promoted has access to coaching. Managers who have been coached frequently report being better able to define what they need and expect from their team or department and they have a greater understanding of where they fit in and what they contribute.

Let us help your promising new leadership cadre settle into their new roles more rapidly and with greater confidence.