Executive coaching is one of the most effective resources available in talent and leadership development today. Our executive coaching programs offer executives and senior leaders a results-focused discovery experience designed to make an immediate and measurable impact on their organizations.

Coach and client work together in a time-efficient fashion to develop competencies and implementation plans to address specific issues. Through carefully framed idea exchanges, brainstorming sessions and exercises, executives develop an action-based plan to achieve measurable results and improve organizational effectiveness.

Executive coaching and leadership coaching are the natural follow-up to an effective executive recruiting program. After absorbing the expense of recruiting the right people, it’s critical to ensure their expertise is being utilized to the fullest capacity. The high cost of turnover amounts to 3x an executive’s annual salary to replace them. Research indicates that 40% of all new executives brought in from the outside fail, and the number one reason cited is the failure to assimilate the executive into the organization’s corporate culture.

Executive coaching is vital to ensuring a smooth transition for senior leaders new to the company and new to increased levels of responsibility. A study done by Metrix Global indicated that the Return on Investment for executive coaching was between five and six times the initial investment. In another study done by The American Management Association (AMA), more than 59% of companies polled recognized that engaging an external coach brings value to their business solutions: “External coaches can bring greater objectivity, fresher perspectives, higher levels of confidentiality and experience in many different organizations, industries and business environments.”

We stand ready to do the same for you.