The Hero’s Journey: Connect with Your Best Self

In my work coaching individuals, we often arrive at key insights through questions and reflection about their hero’s journey. But insights are only valuable when put into action.

What will you do with the information you discover when you pay attention to where and who you are? The next step is to connect with your best self by expressing your deeply held values, beliefs, and principles, as well as your skills and strengths.

Each time you use your strengths and express your values, recognize them as gifts. Find meaning and purpose in every moment of life, including those that are less than ideal. Seek out the answer to this question:

“What am I doing here, and what is my life for?” Find out what resources and goals you will need to move forward.

Transform Your Life

When you’ve taken a brutally honest assessment of yourself, and connected to what and where you could or should go, you are ready to take the next step. Transformation is a bold act of renovation, of stepping into life. It may be triggered accidentally, but is itself always clearly intentional.

Transformation is conscious self-definition. But it’s no good without a plan, without taking action. It doesn’t just happen, and this is where many people falter. Changing attitudes, beliefs, and habits that are a deeply ingrained part of our self will require undoing and redoing.

It requires courage, practice, and self-discipline. It takes time and perseverance; however, eventually the meandering path that you are on will become clear and meaningful. Often it requires another person to heighten awareness.

King Arthur had Merlin, Harry Potter had Professor Dumbledore, and Luke Skywalker had Obi Wan Kenobi.  You don’t have to take on the hero’s journey alone. Get a coach, a mentor, or a trusted colleague to help you along the way.

Take the journey and you may be surprised where it leads you.

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