ExecuLink: An Invitation Only Brain Trust for Senior-Level Leaders


Conceived in 2002, ExecuLink is an exclusive, invitation only brain trust of successful senior level leaders from diverse, non-competing businesses. Gathering monthly to offer support and feedback, you and your peers make progress on the challenges, issues, and opportunities most important to you, as well as your business.

Seasoned executive coach Tim Link facilitates ExecuLink, creating an environment and structure for high-level strategic dialogue while incorporating and effective mix of flexibility and accountability that enables personal growth while also growing your business.


With your peers, you can open up to gain fresh perspectives and new ideas that have high impact and are immediately applicable to you and your business. Participants further enhance their leadership capability, make clearer decisions, and expand their network of support. With access to an unconditionally supportive group of peers facing similar challenges and opportunities, you’ll see real growth both personally and as a leader of others.


This is an exclusive, invitation only program for senior-level leaders and executives. You must be ready to offer and accept support, enjoy thinking creatively, and provide and receive open, honest feedback.

If you’re interested in finding out how your peers – along with the oversight of a seasoned executive coach – can deliver real change for you as a person and a leader, email Tim today.