Being a Courageous Leader

What comes to mind when you think of a “courageous leader?” Many people think of someone who always looks strong, or does not admit their failures. Contrary to what people often believe, being a courageous leader has nothing to do with how confidently or loudly you present and stand up for your ideas. It’s actually the opposite. A courageous leader is one who is willing to admit their mistakes, and be vulnerable in front of coworkers and subordinates.

In Brene Brown’s book, “Dare To Lead,” she defines ‘vulnerability’ as “the universal emotion we feel when times are risky and uncertain or we are at the mercy of other people’s actions.”

In order for us to be courageous, we need to be vulnerable. Being able to act under difficult circumstances is what makes one a vulnerable, courageous leader. Being vulnerable is not being weak; rather, it lets you explain your circumstances and how you want to act in spite of them.

Being courageous also depends on a leader who has clear values, and is not afraid to stick to them. Do you let your own values guide you during difficult times? Or do you let others influence your decisions, as your values go down the drain? Even in tough times, your values will enable you to do what is necessary.

Finally, a courageous leader is one who is trusted in all of their relationships. Think about all of your relationships, both at home and at work. Do those people completely trust you? Creating trust in your relationships enables you to act confidently and courageously.

Interested in exploring how to be a more effective leader through vulnerability and trust? You can reach me via my website, LinkedIn and Twitter. I look forward to hearing from you.

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